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December 5, 2009
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More Kirby characters by gerugeon More Kirby characters by gerugeon
Well, well, well... IT's been a while, huh? Finally I'm on vacations, so, I'll have plenty of time to post things and drawings! If I could just get out of this horrible art block...
I made this last year, I think. I don't remember very well. I still was intending to create a Kirby comic. And I'm soo lazy that I didn't even put a good name on the characters. Let me see...(FRom Left to Right)

First Row
Emerald: mother of Tera. She was the leader of a gang of thieves, along with Sword and Blade and a younger Darouch (who create another gang of thieves later). But then she fell in love for one of the star warriors. She abandoned the gang to become a star warrior, standing beside her husband. In a battle, her husband was killed trying to protect her. Shocked, she ran away and abandoned her daughter. She's somewhere hidden, too ashamed to ask for forgiveness to Tera.
Older Emerald
RookGiant: one of the servants of KingChess. Strong but not very clever, he attacks using a powerful laser beam.
Young Tera: (to see more information, look here: [link] )
Older Rini
Luke: he lives in Planet Pipi, where Rona is the queen (now). Son of Gretel and Sara's brother, he's very arrogant and selfish. Has a soft spot for Lowa, though.
Gretel: member of the Royal Court of Planet Pipi, wants to usurp the throne of Rona (or of Lowa, since she's the princess of the planet now). She's up to everything to reach her goals. Mother of Luke and Sara.

Second Row
QueenChess: not a very creative name, I admit, but I didn't have any other idea. Cruel and vengeful. Live in the Chess Dimension, along with KingChess.
PawnDude: the infantry in the Chess Dimension. Very annoying and not much clever too.
Sir Knight: the cavalry in the Chess Dimension. Intelligent and quick-eyed, is very loyal to KingChess.
Princess Kira: I based my idea on the concept of Princess Pedley, creation of :iconmoonwarriorautumn: , here: [link] . I liked the princess's hat, so, I wanted to draw something alike. Princess Kira is very kind and timid, and don't like to expose her feelings.
Sara: bodyguard of Lowa, the current princess of Planet Pipi. Unlike her brother and her mother, she respects the Royal Family, and is very loyal to her princess. Lowa loves to annoy her because she's very serious and mature.
Young Jonoro
Goro: the new mailman, since Moso (Melman) retired. He's very anxious, and unfortunately is always getting into trouble.

Third Row
Bishop: Silent and cold-hearted, he likes to do things alone. He doesn't like to obey KingChess.
KingChess: the ruler of Chess Dimension. He was summoned by Dark Matter, in order to defeat Kirby. Although he's not very strong (after all, he respects the chess'rules), he's very cunning and deceptive.
King Suna: King of Planet Sandstone. Planet Tulo is a desert, completely dry and very hot. He's very severe with his daughter, but he just does that because he want her to become a good princess to her kingdom.
Mr. SeaHorse: Kine's friend, he wants to become the best maestro of all times. So, with Tiff's help, he's trying to create a orchestra in the dry land, since nobody in the sea wants to play some musical instrument. He's very optimistic and absent-minded.
Flint: one of the guards of the Sand Castle, in the Planet Sandstone. He's not much strong, but wants to protect at any cost his beloved princess (whom he loves secretly).
Queen Resa: queen of Planet Sandstone. For this character I took too some ideas from :iconmoonwarriorautumn: , here: [link] . She's very serene and wise. She expects a lot of Kira, and often doesn't understand her daughter's feelings, thinking that Kira doesn't want to rule the planet in the future.
Whispy Woods Junior: Whispy Woods' son (Duh). He loves to talk about everything and sometimes this is really annoying. Just Tiff has patience to talk with him.

Love or hate them. But just constructive criticism, please. And I have difficulty to expose my ideas in English, so, if I made any mistake, tell me, pleeeaasseee...

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Sonicbot Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
This has become inspiration for Kirby OC's
MrFH Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
Bishop looks really awesome, his appearance looks truly cold-hearted, like he wants to usurp Kingchess or something.
DarkGraySkies045 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the kingchess he looks so cool
KoopaKrags Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
but still they are AWSOME!!! I liked emerald, flint, and princess kira
KoopaKrags Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
you should make the first one a offense maybe call him Ivan...
SparkusThunderbolt Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011
Woah, niiiiiiiiice!
gerugeon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gamerjohn022691 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome how you implied Dark Matter (creator of Demon Beasts in my oppinion) into your description of the Chess Kingdom characters. If you were to make a third set of characters, you could add a boy named Escarkid (who is Escargoon's nephew), Galacta Knight (a Star Warrior who bends the wills of time and space), a Kirby version of Katara from the Avatar cartoon, Mayor East (Len & Hana's son), Chief Lokemup (Bookem/Borun's son), Chef Hoover/Cook Watanabe (Kawasaki's replacement), Pitch the Bird (he and Tokorri often chat), Nago the Japanese Bobtail (unfortunately, Tiff sneezes and eventually swells up like a balloon because she's allergic to cats), ChuChu the Octopus (at first, King Dedede tries making kalamari out of her, but like Kine, she has a soft spot for Sir Ebrum/Parm's kids, namely Tuff), Keeby (Kirby's yellow twin brother and also a Star Warrior), Prince Fluff (a Star Warrior who resides in Patch Land), and Yin Yarn (the tomato-shaped pincushion is his weak point).
YOOCA Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
gerugeon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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